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What you should know before starting to ride motorbikes. The requirements before using the public roads and the preparation needed before you enter the world of motorbike riding.

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Make your own YouTube videos and tell the world about your motorbiking adventures. Showcase your locality, your community, all your nearby towns and villages, famous local landmarks, any interesting places to visit, where the good restaurants and accommodation are.

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What gear to buy and where to buy it.

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Where the best Motorbike Tourist Trails are and the best Camping locations. Find out here where you should explore and when is the best time to do it.

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Road Users

This website is designed for motorcycle enthusiasts like you!  We would like to raise awareness about riding a motorcycle to educate all road users of the importance of being vigilant and aware of motorbikes on the road.

However, as our name suggests, we are interested in all matters motorbiking!

For this reason, we will devote part of our site to learning to ride a bike for the first time; we will provide information to help you get started, we will provide links to sites on YouTube that we think you will find interesting or enjoyable.

We will also provide you with information on purchasing your first 'starter motorbike'.

A large part of the motorbike matters site  uses other aspects of social media. This is to enhance and improve your general engagement with the topics we select.

Ultimately, we aim to inspire you to ride a motorbike safely and to help you find additional training if you require it. Remember no matter how experienced you are; there is still room for extra improvement.

As part of our commitment to improve your skills we provide you with a forum to discuss any matters you feel need to be aired. A conversation can sometimes be the best way to solve problems.

Our site will therefore give you the platform to expand your skills. The Links to relevant YouTube Channels will improve your love and understanding of what motorbiking is all about.


To sum up, our philosophy is simple. We aim to extend your appreciation  and understanding of motorcycling if we can. We want to make it an enjoyable and above all - a safe hobby. We would like all motorcyclists to be very skillful and considerate to all other road users and to be able to pursue the hobby with great empathy and consideration.


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