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Our site will be a hub for you; it will give you a platform to find out all the latest motorbike news, events, videos and Channels worth visiting from You Tube. You can research our online shop for ideas on buying new Bikes, for buying safety gear such as helmets and gloves. You can discover the latest ranges of protective clothing, e.g. leather jackets, trousers, suits and boots, together with useful new technological devices that may significantly enhance and improve the performance of your motorbike.

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My motorbike matters to me! Surely this is a true statement for every motorcyclist. This channel is dedicated to you - the motorcycle enthusiast. We specialize in delivering information on motorcycling for followers in the UK, Ireland and beyond. We upload weekly videos relevant to you. E.g. Events happening in your locality or in the UK and Ireland. Also: We showcase interesting bits and pieces of motorcyclist trivia - from around the world. We are therefore a one-stop-shop for 'everything motorbike'. We deliver information to you at your fingertips. Important topics such as: Learning to ride a motorcycle, tips for safety, choosing the right motorbike , correct motorcycle gear, adventure trips, accommodation for you and your motorbike in UK and Ireland, camping venues, motorbike sales and servicing matters. So, click around and enjoy the ride. Don't forget to subscribe, email, and like! Look forward to our journey together and hopefully we will have some good times ahead. Enjoy!


Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is how my journey started. I was inspired to take up motorbiking in honor of the memory of the late Dr Hinds a consultant anesthetist in Northern Ireland who was also a motorbike fan. He realized the dangers of motorbike racing and as a trained specialist he  provided immediate assistance to unfortunate racers who came off their machines when racing in events such as in the North West 200 - held every year on the North Coast of Northern Ireland during May. From researching his wonderful work and life story, this made me think that ordinary motorcyclists also have needs for  intervention. I believe that education is the way forward. In this technological age, what better way than through social media.

Developing a presence on social media  will give me the opportunity to grow and share my passion hopefully leading to a new more informed awareness in the motorbike world, particularly around Ireland, the UK and in Europe generally.

Meet the Team

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Mr M. Matters.

Founder & CEO

Inspired to Ride a Motorbike by someone special.

V. Matters

Vice President

Adventurous and spiritually minded.

M. Matters Jnr.


Always chasing the next dream.


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